• T. Julian BaksikTomak Julian Baksik's focus as an academic pre-Raphaelite sculptor completes a broad arc through diverse media: bronze, glass, marble, pewter, copper, wood, steel, chocolate, thermite, stoneware, urethane, plastic and fiberglass. Notable works include an over-life-size Baroque Roman fountain featuring Minerva and Neptune, and the Pennsic Cathedral.

    "I have enduring admiration for Bernini, Borromini, and the named and nameless sculptors of antiquity who pioneered the horizons of an art radiant with meaning, now etched into history. In reaching for harmony between reason and passion, I have been a slave to my art, often beginning with simple, archetypal motifs that become wildly complex before resolving into an expression of spirit. Time washes away the trivial, leaving for us these jewels of truth.”

    Tomak studied fine art and physics at the University of Michigan, and currently exhibits at several national tradeshows and festivals. For more information about his work, don't hesitate to contact us.